John and Eugenia’s Wedding at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

Eugenia and John ceremony2Shot from the choir loft     Eugenia and John crownsI was invited down to photograph the couple from the front, wearing the crowns     Eugenia and John altarThree times around the altar         Eugenia and John ceremony Jaxon checking out the rose petals       Eugenia and FatherA little out of order, Eugenia and her father come down the rose strewn aisle       Eugenia Bridal portrait. Eugenia and I taught together at Arlington.






wedding party Eugenia and John entrance Eugenia and John make an entrance       Eugenia and John outside A very happy day.

12 thoughts on “John and Eugenia’s Wedding at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

  1. Such a fantastic family portrait with the 3 flower girls in joyful celebration – brilliant!
    Lovely bride, dress and church. Congratulations to the lucky couple.

  2. In looking at the witnesses in the pews, it looks like you weren’t the only one with a camera! 🙂 Steve Jobs is so proud….

  3. Beautiful all around …..people, Church, dresses / suits! Hope you are pleased with your new piece of photo equipment and it makes it easier … and more enjoyable!

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