Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Friday afternoon at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Hall of Architecture.

With three of the grandchildren, one of them is always “between”.

This week’s challenge is hosted by the Danielle Hark founder of a blog I follow- 

“Danielle is a photographer, writer, life coach, and the founder of the online gallery and nonprofit Broken Light Collective, which empowers people affected by mental illness using photography.”



Hall of Architecture


Michael between Maura and Jack- Hall of Architecture.



Chiseling and brushing off the sand from fossils-  future Paleontologists.


Thinking about dinosaur exhibit

Taking a rest on the bench




Feeling the diplodocus femur




10% of the Surdick family collection of insects native to Western Pennsylvania, donated to the Carnegie Museum.




In the sculpture courtyard-oops, where’s Jack?   The yellow sculpture , Three Forms, between the two- (Artist James Rosati)




14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Those are great examples of “between” – adorable grandkids. I hope you found Jack 😉

  2. That is such an ‘awwwwww’ post Ruth. What cute grandchildren you have…the good genes have been passed on. I adore the image where they all have their magnifying glass out…that is just precious

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  4. I love – love – love – going to museums. I will have to put this one on my list.
    The photo are terrific. The unposed grandkids let’s us see their thoughts as they’re viewing and participating in things.
    It sure doesn’t hurt to have cute adorable subjects to capture. Very nice ……

  5. The spacing and positioning of the kids in the first and fifth picture really speak to me. What wonderful subjects!

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