Silvery-Cheeked Hornbills, Cheetah and Camel Rides at the Columbus Zoo

The new Heart of Africa  region (43 Acres) is open at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

I have mixed feelings about zoos but know that they do important animal conservation work and support programs around the world that assist in this effort. The weather was cool for a July day so we kept taking our jackets and sweaters on and off.

I can tell you that  the grandkids LOVE going to the zoo to see the animals.

There is always something interesting to learn and experience.  A first for the kids was the camel ride.
Six camels are rotated to give the rides.

Aunt Lala was remembering a lengthy camel ride she had in Egypt that she didn’t really enjoy but everyone had fun on Monday.

Yes, it was a bumpy ride.





8 thoughts on “Silvery-Cheeked Hornbills, Cheetah and Camel Rides at the Columbus Zoo

  1. What kid doesn’t like spending the day at a zoo? It was aways a big deal when we were taken there — even the time when a peacock escaped and unwittingly landed on a ledge in the lions’ exhibit. You’d think the screams would have alerted him but the poor guy never knew what him him.

  2. Beautiful family photos. I recall visiting a zoo with your children when Grant was very young. I can not recall if it was Oh, KY or PA; but Grant briefly put his head between the bars – which were wider in places- and when he tried to stand up he was stuck!! Where were we?

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of the family. I understand your feelings about zoos. There is something about seeing those animals, though.

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