Laurel Highlands Highlights Photographed by Anna

The super awesome guest blog I mentioned yesterday, Anna 10+ (almost 11)is the photographer.  It’s fun for me when the family contributes to the blog effort.  Thanks Anna! (Photographed with an iPad.)

Anna and Michael and their Mom and Dad went to the Laurel Highlands this weekend. They toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater checked out Steeler’s Training Camp at the end of the day and visited General Braddock’s Grave.

Saturday early evening they came to Pittsburgh to pick up the two younger ones, Jack and Maura, and left early Sunday morning.  We were 16 for dinner Saturday night with family and friends coming to see them.   Today the house is really quiet. 🙁

But on Friday night they stayed at the Historic Summit Inn Resort in Farmington, PA.



Michael said the doors had real keys!  Here he is with Mark and Erika.



One of the “few remaining ‘porch hotels’ in America.”  Built in 1907, The Summit Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places. 




Before sunset



photo-12Anna did a sunset series. Nice balustrade’s shadow on the roof.



red flower sun Anna

Love how she moved to take the photo of the sun behind the red flower




I like the drain pipe line and puddle


And she must take after her grandmother, photographing what was on the table.



salt and pepper Anna

Salt and Pepper Still Life


Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone  stayed at the Summit Inn in 1917. Their names are signed on the Hotel Register. (Dad Mark has that photo)





Leaving for Pittsburgh.  A shot from the van window showing motion.  I see the snack bag reflection.





12 thoughts on “Laurel Highlands Highlights Photographed by Anna

  1. This is one of my favorite posts. The idea of grand-daughters photos being from your, Ruth’s, inspiration and teaching. Such an amazing moment. Awesome Ruth!

  2. Well, this acorn didn’t fall far from the tree, Ruth. Well done, Anna. Whether any of your grandkids take up photography for a career, you’ve introduced them to a field that each could easily take up as a very rewarding hobby. Way to go, Grandmom. 🙂

  3. A budding photographer in the family. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Nice job Anna!

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  5. No color photography when I was your age, Anna! [with my Box Brownie! :-)] Love your sunsets and “Still Life.” It’s always special when you have a teacher / example to model. GOOD JOB.

  6. All those photos were SO good that if you hadn’t told us Anna had taken them, we’d have thought it was YOU! Wonderful – I want to go stay there!

  7. Nice work Anna! You definitely have your grandma’s aesthetic. Great shots! Have you ever considered starting your own blog? I’d read it. 🙂

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