Margaret a Giant Schnauzer Rescue and Rae & Nick Left a Wedding Bouquet

Monday morning started out foggy but as the day wore on it burned off.

And darn if I don’t have another Ailanthus tree to cut down and try and get the roots out. These supposed trees called Tree of Heaven are definitely invasive.  Ugh.

Monday morning fog from the front porch

foggy morning



When I got to the Mellon Park fountain for a photo shoot, I saw a wedding bouquet and an abandoned fan with the names

Rae and Nick    8-2-14


Wedding Bouquet Rae and Nick



And then right in the middle of the shoot, I met Margaret a 7 month old Giant Schnauzer named Margaret and I gave her owner a postcard with the blog address and said to email me and I’d send the pic.  What a distinctive looking dog.


Maragaret the Rescue Schnauzer

Margaret has a lot of creative energy.  You can just tell. She is still a pup but about 70 pounds!!!

Well, Giant Schnauzer.  A lucky dog to be a rescue.


Another view of the abandoned bouquet at the fountain.






3 thoughts on “Margaret a Giant Schnauzer Rescue and Rae & Nick Left a Wedding Bouquet

  1. What a great dog! I wonder how big she’ll get? When I adopted Max, I was told he’d grow to “35 or 40 lbs. 45 at the very most.” It’s 6 years later and he stopped at 80 lbs, having outgrown every piece of equipment I bought for him, more than once. Still, I wouldn’t trade him for the world — though I”d never say that within earshot of him. Threatening to return him to the shelter is my only proven behavior modification tool. 🙂

  2. The abandoned bouquet makes me kind of sad. I hope that’s not foreshadowing of their marriage! Good luck to you Rae and Nick…

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