These Two Said Zig Zag to Me- Weekly Photo Challenge

A bit of a stretch for the Weekly Photo Challenge  Zig Zag.

A super guest post is coming tomorrow.  Stay Tuned!


zig zag shoes

Zig Zag shoes.  You may have seen them on here before.



street sweeper turn the cornerEarly Morning Street Sweeper turning onto Bleecker  St NYC

9 thoughts on “These Two Said Zig Zag to Me- Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Those shoes are crazy. Even if I was young and sexy I wouldn’t wear them. Ouch to my feet and health. Although your photo of them is awesome. Love your photography as always.

  2. I haven’t seen those shoes before (I don’t think…) – they do say “zig zag” to me.

    I’m excited to see who the super awesome guest blogger is!

  3. For the life of me, I don’t know how some can wear those shoes or any with a similar heel. It looks downright painful to me. They do make a nice reply for a zig zag challenge, though. 🙂

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