Light Through Overhead Railroad Ties

Down in Pittsburgh’s Strip District by the scrap yard and tracks.  My car was parked under the old railroad bridge.

Lines, patterns, rhythm, repetition-all those elements we look for in class.  Finding these elements everywhere.

Railroad Bridge

I love the light on the cross bar, giving a sense of depth.

This first image is the strongest compositionally.  But the others  give you a sense of the place.






railroad ties in the hood of my car

The hood of my car.  Could stand a wash.




IMG_9334Patterns of light on a concrete wall.

10 thoughts on “Light Through Overhead Railroad Ties

  1. Thanks for opening our eyes to the beauty in everyday things. Enjoy your first holiday of the school year.

  2. Do love that first photo!!! Thanks for your Birthday call! enjoy the long weekend!!! xXXOXOX

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