Grateful for Traffic Backup

This post inspired by fellow blogger Colline   – Wednesdays she publishes a “grateful post”.

Last year at school in the final staff meeting, I was awarded the Most Optimistic Award.  I found the little plastic trophy and happy dancing apple in my school cupboard yesterday afternoon and took it out and placed it on my desk.  A reminder to remain optimistic,

It’s a new year so don’t want to rest on my laurels, though.

HA!  (Just this morning my sister was remembering how dad would say that when he wrote to us)

Would be cool to be a repeat for this new school year, I thought to myself and laughed at myself.  A good plan.


Last June Selfie.  An unexpected award voted by my colleagues- Most Optimistic

On my way home this afternoon, a different route, there’s a bridge out. What a mess.

It means everyone sits and sits,  winds around the corner like snails, waiting to get a quick left turn, the arrow light. It’s a real clog.

I first saw the rainbow on the straightaway and you can see it’s photographed through a tinted windshield.

But then I had to inch up.

What a glorious rainbow.

Were there a parking lot to pull into, I would have done so and gotten the end of the rainbow as it arched into the Allegheny River.

Back in my car since school started, driving around the city  all over the place.

Opportunities to see things I wouldn’t have seen if I were stretched in my hammock on the front porch, sipping a lemonade, reading a book, or knitting for winter.

Today I was grateful for the traffic standstill.  Got to catch a rainbow.  Thanks, Colline. For more posts on Colline’s Gratitude Project, click here.

Rainbow in traffic


Uh-oh, can’t see it between the wires as I did when I looked with my eye Interesting wires intersecting.

Rainbow in traffic series 5

It gets better and the traffic winds around the bend.


Rainbow in traffic series 4












Rainbow in traffic series 1



Rainbow in traffic series 3

And the other half of the rainbow as I made my way in the traffic


22 thoughts on “Grateful for Traffic Backup

  1. A rainbow can make anything more beautiful – even traffic. Oh yeah. . . congratulations on last years award. I am proud of you!

  2. Great plan for your new school year… Positivity makes the days go fast and spreads to those who are around you or at least gives them something to think about! Thus year, maybe you can earn a sash… “Miss Positivity” seriously… You are one of folks who sees the glass half full, not half empty!

  3. How is that! Being thankful for a traffic standstill. But, yes, it did make it possible for you to watched a spectacular rainbow and capture it. Lovely images. And congratulations with the award. It must have been fun. 🙂

  4. You deserve all the awards you can get. Have a good school year with lots of rainbows. Love you.

  5. You deserve all the awards you can get. Have a good school year with lots of rainbows. Love you.

  6. Loved the rainbow! Also, seeing all that road construction looks like something around here – can you believe TWO BRIDGES are being built at the same time?? We’re supposed to be buried in dirt and road closures and dynamiting for at least 2 more years – OH GOODY! Ruth, you enjoy those students. I’m sure for a lot of them, you will be the best part of their day!

  7. Wow. What beautiful shots! when I saw a rainbow, it always reminds me when I was a kid, our parents told a folktale about the rainbow. They said it was the path of the seven Nymphs bathing on a beautiful lake. Thank you for sharing your story and photos.

  8. Well deserved award – congrats. Somewhere over the rainbow…possibilities endless

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