Our Lady of the RV Sales Lot

Last Spring my sister and I went with Erika’s parents, Donald and Marlene as they were shopping around for a camper or trailer for their retirement.

 Here is what we found at one of the RV Sales Lots.

 I can’t add it to my “Urban Madonna” collection as it is just north of Columbus, Ohio so more like
“Country or Rural Madonna”    

 Safe journeys.  

our lady of rv sales

9 thoughts on “Our Lady of the RV Sales Lot

  1. The headline gave me a chuckle. It’s good to have someone watching over you even if you are an RV lot.

  2. Somehow, images of faith help us believe that everything will be okay and that we travel or those we care safely. And most of the time it goes happen. Have a blessed weekend and all the best to you and family.

  3. A beautiful small Madonna …….. I’d love to see it in a garden! Enjoy your Labor-free weekend!!! 😉

  4. Interesting placement for that lady. Just goes to show (remind) that we are never alone.

    Did Erika’s parents find a suitable vehicle?

  5. I’m reminded of the Monty Python catch phrase, “”Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.” Likewise, the Madonna pops up in the most unlikely of places.

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