Groundhog in City Traffic

Below Polish Hill, turning onto Liberty Ave into the Strip District.  Here is what I saw.

He got out from under the cars as we were all stopped at the red light.

 Instead of crossing the road, he kept walking back under the cars.

Good thing I had my camera on the front seat. 

Good thing he didn’t get squished.  I felt sorry for the groundhog.

Too much concrete to burrow in.  

(And my car windows need a wash)



Can you see the groundhog

Just a snippet.  I saw movement.  


Coming under the cars.  Oh no. 






Go the other way.  He did eventually.

Groundhog in the City

I felt badly for the groundhog but at least he finally made it to the side before the light turned green. But what then? 


14 thoughts on “Groundhog in City Traffic

  1. Maybe he’s the one who hangs out in my backyard? Which is the reason I never plant a garden!

  2. ForwaRDing to friend with a garden and a groundhog …….she may be glad to know they like to play in traffic!! 🙂

  3. I, too, hope he made it back to his burrow, Ruth. I see them fairly often in Michigan but it’s never a good sign to see wildlife on the roadway.

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