The Color is What Caught My Eye

Whether it be flowers in a garden, a rainbow in traffic, or colorful cake mixes on the store shelf.

The color is what caught my eye!

Unsure about actual consumption, though.      Here’s how I came to see these boxes of cake mix……

After school, I drove down to the Waterfront to get gas, stock up on provisions. Lunch items to take to school.

Target was right there and I needed more wonderful 8GB Flash Drives that are still at a low, low price.  The ones they keep by the checkout line so you can load up as you head out the door.  Must be an old shipment as the ones up front are two dollars cheaper than the ones in the electronic section in the back.  (Hope I didn’t clue them in and they change the price!)

Now you might already know if you follow the blog,  I really don’t like to eat anything blue

(with the exception of fresh blueberries)

but those fakey blue raspberry popsicles?

Just looking at blue food/icing gives me a shudder down my spine.

But if you need to bake a Smurf cake, the Blue Suede mix might be your answer.

I can definitely see some of these colorful cake mixes as the basis for art/photography projects.

And from what I read on Charm City website,    “Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fashion, fabric, furniture, architecture, landscapes, science, music, and history.”   


iPhone shots of the cake mix shelves



Inspiration for the colorful cake mixes, created by Duff Goldman

 Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis

Found at least 3 Pink Cadillac songs

Bruce Springsteen,

Natalie Cole, Jerry Lee Lewis

And Prince won an Oscar in 1985 for Purple Rain






15 thoughts on “The Color is What Caught My Eye

  1. I’ve never noticed those cake mixes. I love the fact that music inspired the color. Wonder if they’re any good?

  2. Fabulous blog today!!!! Listening to Elvis as I write this. Will return and listen to others this afternoon.. or this evening….Blue Moon 🙂 xoxox

  3. Next time I run to Target, I’m going to check out the baking aisle and see if our local Target has those beautiful themed cake mixes! Love all the color and music in this post!

  4. They cake mixes are cool designs – but I don’t know that I could make myself eat one. They just scream FAKE!

    I did enjoy watching the Prince Academy Awards clip, though. 1985. Wowzers.

  5. From colorful cakes to an Oscar winning song, this post was a feast for the senses, Ruth! TO be honest, though, I/m not so sure I’d lile the blue-colored cake, too. It’s a little off-putting. 🙂

    • Notice I simply photographed and posted, not enticed to purchase (unless for art project) and most certainly no plans to ingest!

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