Making Another Movie in Pittsburgh

It’s always good news for the Burgh when the filmmakers come to town.

The movie making industry is thriving in Pittsburgh.  Here’s a list of films shot in Pittsburgh.

I saw a number of trucks and trailers in an East Liberty parking lot as I drove to school, early this morning.

On the way home, I drove by again and asked a man in a truck with the door open what was being filmed.  He told me Kerosene, The Last Witch Hunter. (with Van Diesel )

I called to him and said “Enjoy the city while you’re here” and he said “I live here”

then he told me that 98% of the crew live in Pittsburgh.

He was very nice and I drove around the Penn Circle to get home and saw more trucks, lights and filming.

Stalled traffic made it easy to catch a couple of quick shots.  On the way back from Bernadette’s  South Side Bday party I asked Steve to swing by the route again on the way home.  Still working into the night.

catering on Centre AveFiring up the grill for dinner time

Got to eat


That was some giant spotlight illuminating the East Liberty Presbyterian Church


Road Closed

Not much to see really but a road closed and a blur of the Motor Square Garden dome in the background.


Steve was driving later


7 thoughts on “Making Another Movie in Pittsburgh

  1. Great shots Ruth and so good for Pittsburgh. I’m such a sucker when it comes to film sets, all the intricate details that go into the production and how good to know so much of the crew is local!

  2. They were filming at one of the Mansions on Fifth not to long ago – I think Russell Crowe was there. You’re right it is kind of exciting and I’m not even a movie fan.

  3. We have often seen these trailors in our neighbourhood. The remake of Carrie was actually shot at a school in a road near to us 🙂

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