Like a Squirrel Gathering Nuts for the Winter

yarn skeins

Wednesday’s mail was waiting when I got home late.   A box!

A box of yarn arrived from Web*sters in Ashland, Oregon.  Silk Blend.  70% Merino wool and 30% silk.  Manos del Uruguay.  I’ve plans to knit my way through the freezing season.  So soft and the colors like jewels.

Magenta, Aster, Dark Cherry.  I love the names of the colorways.

Spolier alert:  Knitty City Horizontal Cowls (link to their free pattern) for gifts.

I’ve made three already. Oh and an attempt for a circle scarf from a different yarn (the gray)

It can’t just post comfort food.


I like this particular pattern cause the circular knitting goes around and around and around, getting me to a peaceful place, sucking out my anxiety, making me calm. Trying not to notice the sun setting earlier already.

12 thoughts on “Like a Squirrel Gathering Nuts for the Winter

  1. You are the best – I love the analogy. A “nut gathering acorns for the winter.” The scarves will be beautiful!

  2. Beautiful colors and you can feel how soft and luxurious they are just from the photos!!! Yes, I can believe that knitting with them would create calm and peace!!!!

  3. Both the patterns and the colors are so lovely! Even though I am a crochet girl at heart, I might have to give this knitting pattern a whirl. It looks easy enough for even me to be able to follow it. 🙂

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