The city is there, I swear

On the way to school, I drove up McArdle Roadway to Mount Washington.

This is shot from the Duquesne Incline Platform. Β  A blanket of October 1st fog.

Almost a Wordless Wednesday.

Pittsburgh in fog

17 thoughts on “The city is there, I swear

  1. That looks fabulous, Ruth! I remember one of my very early posts had a Wikipedia shot of that incline in it. Isn’t it funny- I can’t even remember why now! I become more geriatric every day πŸ™

  2. Your photo reminds me of a time when I drove through the West Virginia mountains, all the while praying I wasn’t about to drive off the edge of a cliff. LOL. Fog is interesting, and deadly. Of course, that can be said of many things when it comes to the elements around us. Yours is a mystic shot, for sure. I’ll bet the city is a sight to see, when it can be seen. πŸ˜‰

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