Jazz Festival Sign from Croatia – Guest Blog

Blog follower Tanja read the Weekly Photo Challenge Post with the signs on Oct 8th.

She wrote to me and sent the photo of the sign below.

Thanks for your contribution to the blog today, Tanja.

Best,  Ruth

“My summer vacation I was in Istria, in a small town called Bale and I attended at the Jazz Festival. During the festival, a small cafe near the place where the festival was held, had put the sign in the front of the cafe. The sign was something that I have never seen before so I took a photo.  Maybe you will find it interesting too.”

Jazz Festival Sign

8 thoughts on “Jazz Festival Sign from Croatia – Guest Blog

  1. “Last Minute OPEN Jazz Festival” [an improvisation, like the music!] ….. whoops: CLOSED to kids! [possibly too much improv! ] 🙂 🙂

  2. It’s a little know fact that much of Miley Cyrus’s Croatian fan base is kids who were, at one time, jazz lovers but were denied access to the festivals. 🙂

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