Crystal Heart Refraction

When the Weekly Photo Challenge is sent out by WordPress on Friday afternoon, I mull it over, dig around in the archives and whittle down a myriad of choices.  But on occasion I’ll shoot something specifically for the challenge.

This week it’s REFRACTION by Kevin Conboy so I played around with a crystal heart my parents gave me on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary (1939-1989) and a crystal swan and pyramid  I have in my china cabinet from them also.

I could’ve used an assistant today to hold the crystal or pyramid.
And because I’ve had my rainbows up recently and the Freedom Tower in NYC with refracted light through the clouds, I’m going with the gallery of my refracted light experiment.

14 thoughts on “Crystal Heart Refraction

  1. I LOVE crystal! Your dad gave me one of those pyramids and yes, the shots you took are wonderful and happy!

  2. Beautiful, Ruth. It reminds me of a scene from Pollyanna, the Disney movie with Hayley Mills. She hung crystals in the windows of crotchety Agnes Moorehead’s home. Both Agnes and the house were never the same. 🙂

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