Central Park Seasons – Guest Blog

Thank you Jack W. and Joe W., a father and son and  two dear friends and followers who are like family.

You might remember the beautiful winter scene Joe W shared from Central Park.

Here is the same location early October.
Shot from the vicinity of the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street.

Thanks Joe and to his dad Jack for sharing them with me.

Central Park October

and a reminder of how beautiful winter can be even when it is treacherous to get around in the snow and ice.

Central Park Winter

20 thoughts on “Central Park Seasons – Guest Blog

  1. Love these photos of THE PARK! Thank you Frederick Law Olmstead! I recognize this “scene!” XOXOX

  2. In 2 shots they’ve demonstrated why Fall isn’t my favorite season. It’s quite beautiful, in its own right, but the fact that Winter is coming fast kind of spoils it for me.

    • I know, John. The winter is looming. I can feel it. Driving to work in the snow and ice is awful. Best one can do is make soup and knit when you can.

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