Simple Halloween Decor

There are wild and elaborate decorations around town and outside of town,but here are a few simple ones.

There are ersatz graveyards in people’s front yards, witches flying in trees,skeletons and cobwebs on mailboxes and Halloween light strung on front porches.

People are going all out.   A real Halloween Decoration Extravaganza.

These are a few simple decorations in Pittsburgh and from my sister Mary in Brooklyn NY.

Here’s a giant spider on the South Side of Pittsburgh

Purple SPider

Schenley Park Pumpkin

Regurgitated pumpkin within pumpkin across from Schenley Golf Course.

Mary sent these from Brooklyn on her phone earlier today

15 thoughts on “Simple Halloween Decor

  1. There aren’t many decorations in my neighborhood, unfortunately. I did see 3 homes that, together, had a nice display. That’s the one I posted on Halloween. It’s so rare that we see something like that I had to make note of it.
    Where on earth to you store a spider that size … other than not around here?

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