Vincent, Euthemia, Dorothy, Liane and Montclair Came to Mind Today

iris blooming

October 29th,  Wednesday Afternoon

Funny how the unexpected sight of something triggers a stream of consciousness.

The word Iris, the sight of these Iris blooming made me think of many things.

In Highland Park after school today, while waiting for a poet to arrive to shoot the author photo for her new book cover,

I saw these Iris.

I always think of Iris as the“end of the school year” flower but now I see they bloom in late October, too.

Vincent Van Gogh painted them.

Euthemia is always planting, growing, showing and readying Iris for her Capital Hudson Iris Society show and sale

Liane Ellison Norman wrote a poem, ” I Dug Up the Iris”  about our friend Dorothy’s Iris.

When I was young, we lived in Montclair New Jersey and walked in the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens named after the founder of the American Iris Society.


So many memories triggered by the sight of their blooming today.

October Iris

14 thoughts on “Vincent, Euthemia, Dorothy, Liane and Montclair Came to Mind Today

  1. many years ago, I’d traveled with a relative and her two daughters, the youngest named Iris, and stayed at a state park we’d never been to before that was just east of Siesta Key, a super soft sand beach on Florida’s west coast…..When we arrived at our cabins at the park, hundreds of wild Iris’ were blooming throughout the forest, around each cabin,beneath the tree canopy…….never forget them.


  2. Mother Nature certainly puts on quite a show. Great job capturing the moment–I love Iris. I’m also impressed with the way you put this post together to tell your story. Thanks for sharing. 😉


  3. E writes to me in email
    “It’s a “reblooming” iris. That’s a really beautiful one. I always think they look out of place blooming in the fall. But if I had one that nice I might rethink my opinion. “


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