What Hundreds of Years of Teaching Thousands of Students Looks Like

Greenfield Elementary School, Pittsburgh PA  Veteran’s Day Dinner.

Breaking bread together. It’s an annual event.  One that former prinicpal BJ (Brent Johnson) looks forward to all year.

Lots of conversation,good food, catching up.

Here’s the group. Photographed by our server Daniel McCormick at Mitchell’s Fish Market, Waterfront, Homestead PA. November 5, 2014

The youngest member has taught at Greenfield for 25 years already and is still teaching third grade.

I was the art teacher for 9 years.

There are just four of us in the trenches still, two at Greenfield now.  See below.

All of others have retired although a couple go in to substitute.  And there are a couple of spouses in the shot.

Thanks Daniel for photographing us after the dinner.   I’ll get an exact total of years taught.



Lara and Josie still at Greenfield K-8.


15 thoughts on “What Hundreds of Years of Teaching Thousands of Students Looks Like

  1. Ruth – Brent and Linda are from our church, St. Margaret of Scotland. We spent some time on the Pre-Cana Team together. How nice to see that we have yet another friend in common! Hope all is well and hope to talk with you soon!

    • Hi RoSy Good to “see” you tonight. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and taking time to write.
      I appreciate your positive energy.
      Ruth in Pittsburgh

      • You’re welcome. I always enjoy the photos & words that you have to share. 🙂
        Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!

  2. There are a number of teachers in my family and, when they get together, as an earlier commenter mentioned, it’s amazing to think of the number of young lives they’ve touched. Thank you, Ruth. Our World is a better place because of teachers like you and your friends in the photo.

  3. MANY thanks to you and all of your teaching compatriots; the impact a good teacher has on the lives of their students is truly immeasurable.

  4. It is a wonderful “family”. I’m sorry I missed the get together. Glad so many could make it.

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