17 thoughts on “No Particular Holiday

  1. When I lived in Dinwiddie, we had two horses and a pasture between the road and our house. Our neighbors across the street had every Christmas Decoration ever created set out on their front lawn. We used to get a kick our of horses on a breezy day as they stood, starring at the enormous santas and snowmen bobbing about, tied down, lest they take flight. You post reminds me of that scenario. 🙂

    • What a terrific image you describe. I’m glad the photo made you think of it and you shared it with all of us.
      Very cool!

  2. I hear the inside is just as interesting. His mother must be turning in her grave. She kept her place much nicer.

  3. I hear the inside is just as bad. His mother must be turning in her grave. He just keeps adding. The neighbors hate it.

  4. Yowzers, that is quite the assortment! If I lived next door to this individual, I don’t think I’d be very happy with their choice of aesthetics. (Though I have to say it does put my next door neighbor’s perpetual [year-round] icicle lights into perspective…)

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