Anyone Else Feel the Urge to Hibernate?

We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year.

Can’t wait it out in a cave, buy have you a special spot where you burrow in for the winter months?Bear Columbus Zoo

Furry slippers, cups of tea. Extra blankets to add some weight and warmth to the bed.  Flannel sheets.

When I’m knitting in the evenings, I have a shawl draped around my shoulders to ward off the chill.

Just something I’m thinking about tonight, the urge to hibernate.

8 thoughts on “Anyone Else Feel the Urge to Hibernate?

  1. Unfortunately for me, the urge to hibernate is accompanied by an urge to eat, the more comforting the food, the bigger the appetite. A late Spring could mean new, larger clothes. 🙂

  2. Look at those claws. I recently purchased an electric foot warmer that I now use in the bed – best decision ever. Makes falling asleep a lot more enjoyable (and faster).

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