Sea Lion Feeding Time Central Park Zoo

Sunday Central Park Zoo  – Sea Lion Pool at Feeding Time

The photographs can’t really capture the exuberance and energy of these lovely sea lions who were waiting for the keepers to come with their lunch.

“These are not tricks. They are behaviors” one of the zoo workers said.

The sea lions certainly knew it was time to eat.

sea lions feeding time

sea lions central park 3

The whole time we were there, I was wishing my grandchildren could see the sea lions jump.

sea lion jump

The light changed frequently.

sea lions

sea lion jump (1)

sea lion jump sweeper

You can see the sun went behind a cloud.  The one sea lion was talking to the man who was sweeping.
And then the sun came out again as we walked towards Fifth Avenue

Central Park Walkway

7 thoughts on “Sea Lion Feeding Time Central Park Zoo

  1. Fantastic pictures. We just saw the sea lion feeding time at the national zoo in DC a few weeks ago. I loved it.

  2. So many families taking advantage of the moderate weather. Great way to spend a December afternoon.

  3. I once lived near the Lincoln Park Zoo and enjoyed taking an afternoon walk through the Park on a Winter’s day. I only wish there had been shows like this one, though it probably would have meant that I’d have to share the Park with others. 🙂

  4. I love the pictures where you managed to capture the lions with their mouths open. I can feel the excitement in those images!

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