Night at the Museum and the Rolled Fondant /Sugar Sculpture

Friday night the Metropolitan Museum of Art is open until nine.

We saw the tree lighting and walked through some of the major exhibits to check out others.

(the Christmas tee is another post, stay tuned) The Holiday Sugar Sculpture of the Museum was fun to see.

museum NYC exterior night

The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Night

hot dog carts museum

the line up of hot dog vendor carts was colorful in the dark

fountain Fifth Avenue

Because it was raining, I just got the fountains looking like this.  Didn’t want to stand in the rain.

museum NYC night lobby

Information in the center of the lobby. You could smell the magnolias.

museum NYC

View from an upper window.

museum NYC sugar

The museum in sugar outside of the cafeteria.

museum NYC sugar credits

Credits to the pastry chef Randy Eastman and his assistants.

museum NYC night

I try to keep up with my sister as we head for the subway.  It was still raining.   The magic of wet pavement.

14 thoughts on “Night at the Museum and the Rolled Fondant /Sugar Sculpture

  1. The museum is a beautiful piece of architecture and its night lighting really accentuates its lines. I doubt anything beautifies a cityscape more than enough rain to wet the pavement. Just look how it reflects the colors. Wonderful captures, Ruth.

      • Not this year, Ruth. I’m way ahead of the game, though my dining table looks like a general store, loaded with canned goods & condiments. 🙂

  2. Great pics Ruth, I’d love to visit NYC this time of year, I’ve only been as late as November. I love the golden light and the reflection in the wet pavement/bricks on rainy nights; sure makes for a romantic photo.

    • Thanks Eva. Nighttime and wet makes everything magical. Know you are cooking up all kinds if good things in your kitchen.

  3. I don’t know which photo I love the most so let me just say ALL OF THEM! Great shots and exceptional talent!

  4. One of Mom’s Christmas traditions was making fondant!!!! [bite size sculpture!! 😉 – dipped in chocolate ] Loved seeing the MET at night!

  5. So many great pictures in this post! I really liked the fountain image (a cool hybrid of classic [museum, fountain] and contemporary [hot dog carts]), the interior museum image, and the final wet pavement pic (which reminded me of an impressionist painting – doubly appropriate for the topic of this blog entry!). 🙂

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