A Knitting Themed Tea Cozy and San Pasqual Patron Saint of Cooks

Returned to Pittsburgh this evening and a package of Christmas gifts from J in Omaha, awaited me.

She stitched a bright colored tea cozy to keep the tea warm as it steeps.

Love the colors and knitting theme as many of you know I’ve been knitting my way through the winter.

I need a patron saint in the kitchen and will put him in a prominent place in the morning.

Thanks J. What a fun surprise.




Here is granddaughter Anna sporting one of the cowls I knit everyone
for Christmas


9 thoughts on “A Knitting Themed Tea Cozy and San Pasqual Patron Saint of Cooks

  1. Nice post, Ruth. Your granddaughter is precious. I always wanted a daughter or granddaughter. So far, it’s been all boys. But, of course, I love them all. 🙂


  2. I love the patron saint card – so simple, yet so joy-filled at the same time. Those cowls are STUNNING. You have such a gift in so many domains. You’re cool. 🙂


    • Thanks Stef. Hope you bring in the New Year with many smiles. I love knitting those cowls- they are circles and you just knit around and around and around- very meditative. A friend gave me the pattern at least five years ago and I finally 10 this fall. It all started when I needed something small to take on a plane trip to FL on July 4th.
      Then I moved into making the hats from leftover yarn from a sweater I made me son Mark, (which fits and he really likes- phew!)

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