Peaceful, Calm, Untroubled- all sound good to me

Serenity – continued.  Finding photos to go with this week’s theme has been satisfying. Thanks for looking at today’s gallery of images that feel peaceful in a variety of ways.

11 thoughts on “Peaceful, Calm, Untroubled- all sound good to me

  1. The little girl laying on the dog, sucking her thumb is the essence of innocence. That one gets first price though all of these shots are spectacular.

  2. I think I’d have to choose the picture of the clouds. That would bring serenity to me. But they are all great examples and wonderful pictures.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how often water, nature, children and pets feature in Serenity? Might be something in powerful to remember here …

  4. I love all these shots, they are stunning. My favourite has to be the one of the clouds high up in the sky – they look like cotton candy 😀

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