Colorado Morning Serenity-Guest Blog

My Floridian friend Kristin is braving the elements and skiing in Colorado.

This is the view upon awakening.   She emailed it to me this morning.

I thought it fit in nicely with the theme of the week- serenity.

Thanks Kristin.   Was the world muffled?

(Almost looks like a black and white photo)

Colorado Morning

9 thoughts on “Colorado Morning Serenity-Guest Blog

  1. Skiing in Colorado, that is definitely Serenty. When one has to shovel it here in Pittsburgh, not so much.


  2. Thanks for the serenity-theme, been really enjoying the photos —- looking at them through the day that you post! xox


  3. Beautiful! That’s where snow is great – in a ski town. Not so much on Pittsburgh streets. We do have a coating here today. Our daughter and son in law are skiing in Utah this week – Park City and Deer Valley. They are happy campers!


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