Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


 Do you “think about size relationships when you look” at the photos?  

Going to see what else I can come up with this week, specifically for the challenge.

Jack and Maura at the North Side near the Children’s Museum – Ned Kahn’s Cloud Arbor

jack and maura

Flat Ruthie and Found Friends

Flat Ruthie and Friends

American Doll Hair Salon  New York CityAmerican Doll




Carnegie Museum Summer with the Grandkidsmona lisa mural



My sister Mary,  Kristin (Happy Birthday to you!) and Rick with  Mona Lisa Mural in Columbus



baby hand


Cameron’s Hand and His Mom’s




IMG_9821Oliver’s Baby Feet  Guess I need another pair of feet to compare them to but they are so cute. He’s one now!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. I love all those pictures. They are so different. If I had to choose one that I liked the best it would be the one with Maura and the toy dinosaurs. I love the way she has them all lined up!


  2. Love all these, esp. the kids running in the Cloud Arbor and Maura with the dinosaurs ……. Looks like a reversal of: ” Honey I shrunk the kids! 🙂
    Doll Hair Salon …… who knew?????? XOXO


  3. A beauty parlor for dolls—who knew (or has the money)? Then as I traveled down the page and Mona Lisa suddenly captured my attention … but those baby feet stole my heart … I am a sucker for the wee ones, not that they stay wee for long. A year old already? I’ll bet those feet don’t look the same now, do they? ❤


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