Do You Have a Sentimental Toy from Childhood?

Laura asked me if I could find Ned.  That wasn’t his name when he was purchased in 1987.

She received this Cabbage Patch Premie for her fourth birthday.

I dug around in a closet and found him, a little soiled on his feet and hands.  I washed him and then his little outfit.

When I was soaking the doll hands in the suds, it looked as if he was washing his own clothes and diaper.

I’ll take him out to Laura when I visit.

Cabbage Patch PRemie

Before getting a bathCabbage Patch Doll

8 thoughts on “Do You Have a Sentimental Toy from Childhood?

  1. First of all, I LOVE NED! I absolutely love him. Second Fisher Price toys rock! Gretchen I wish we could have played together years ago. Great post Ruth.

  2. I had a whole gaggle of Cabbage Patch dolls as a child; but my two absolute favorite toys were stuffed animals. One was a small light-brown dog with dark brown ears – his head fit perfectly in my 3-year-old palm, and I adored him. The other was a small panda that my dad won for my mom at the carnival back in the late 1960s when they were dating. I still have him.

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