Thirds or Threes, Skip the Bokeh

The Weekly Photo Challenge is supposedly the Rule of Thirds but the presentation of the challenge  is so completely different from what I have been taught and teach- I thought of adding the grid on some of these images to size them up. But decided to just go with what I see as broken up into thirds, or in some cases threes.

Confined myself to a NYC archive to simplify the selections.  My gallery doesn’t fit the parameters of the suggested minimalist, off center subject and a blurry background.

17 thoughts on “Thirds or Threes, Skip the Bokeh

  1. Whatever rules you use, you always present terrific galleries, Ruth, and this is no exception. 🙂 I did love that shot in the challenge! Quite ethereal. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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  3. Some nice people shots there 🙂 I think the Rule of Thirds really applies to still life / stationary subjects anyway – and like all rules, it’s there to be broken!

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