Pittsburgh Skyline, Incline and Sea of Fog

Pittsburgh in Fog

Made the decision to turn right at the mouth of the Liberty Tunnel, go to Mount Washington and photograph the city in fog on the way to school this morning.

I thought the above shot was best with the gift of light on the incline car, as it prepared to head down the mountain. No tripod although there was a man with one.  I stabilized my camera on the iron fence.


Of course, the light changes every moment as the sunrises in the east.  All shots taken with 24-70 lens on the Canon 5D Mark ii




One vertical shot. Light and dark/ Cloud and shadow.

Trying to get the best view in the frame.

Being there. looking at the city in the fog,  was a magnificent experience. The limits of photography.

It felt like being in a plane but you’re standing on a concrete platform by the incline, looking at the city disappear in a foggy sea. Wasn’t it just last week I was photographing the icy river and the barge lane?  Today felt like early Spring.

IMG_9358Three young men agreed to let me capture their silhouettes. Thanks guys.  I’ll email them  the blog post link today.

15 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Skyline, Incline and Sea of Fog

  1. Ruth absolutely incredible pics. You and only you have an eye that makes this city ALWAYS look beautiful!

  2. Outstanding photos! I particularly like the first one. As you wrote, the way the light illuminates the incline car adds a lot to the photo. I also like the reflected light on the right hand edge of the photo and the lights on the ends of the railroad ties – they tend to lead the viewer’s eyes downward, and then the viewer sees a few lights on West Carson Street that are just barely breaking through the fog.

    Excellent! Who needs a tripod when you have an iron fence!

  3. Intriguing and beautiful! I commend you for your time and effort in capturing the moment….what and artistic eye!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was there that morning standing right behind u with a tripod. That was one of the most amazing and magical moments ever. Glad to see some else got the opertunrity to get a great shot as well

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