My Sister’s Doll – 1947

Italian Doll

Our Uncle Harold brought this doll to my sister in 1947. Mary was in Kindergarten.  He was in the US Navy.

He brought the doll back from Naples.

She was a souvenir doll, not a play doll.

A couple of days ago, I put her in Mary’s NYC apartment window and photographed her from different angles.

Her straw hat wouldn’t stay on her head and I didn’t want to force it.

As I took her photo, her eyes seemed to follow me and I moved her around to try and get a good pose and shot.

Have you ever noticed how something inanimate can feel it has a life?

12 thoughts on “My Sister’s Doll – 1947

  1. Those are beautiful picture of a beautiful doll. We saw some animals that were entered in a taxidermy contest. The bears eyes seemed to follow me everywhere. Spooky

  2. That doll DOES feel like it has life in it. And a strong, bold, commanding one at that. This doll doesn’t entertain fools.

  3. Oh the illusion of how the mind plays trick on you. Or…? 😉
    So cool that your sister still has her doll from back in the day. And – so thoughtful of your uncle to pick this up for her while he was in the military.

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