Breakfast with the Queen

Breakfast with the Queen on Monday morning. Out on the front porch again while summer is still here.

I went and got the solar powered waving figurine out of the dining room window to join me for breakfast. Why?

My friend Vincie went to London (and Paris) last month and brought me a lovely souvenir. A jar of Rhubarb Raspberry Vanilla Bean Jam from Selfridges Food Hall. She knows those three are my favorite flavors. What a combination.

Fancy. Nothing like jam and butter on toast. Very tasty.

Put my two balls of sock yarn in the little shopping bag, too!

BTW Selfridges was voted Best Department Store in the World.

My Sister’s Doll – 1947

Italian Doll

Our Uncle Harold brought this doll to my sister in 1947. Mary was in Kindergarten.  He was in the US Navy.

He brought the doll back from Naples.

She was a souvenir doll, not a play doll.

A couple of days ago, I put her in Mary’s NYC apartment window and photographed her from different angles.

Her straw hat wouldn’t stay on her head and I didn’t want to force it.

As I took her photo, her eyes seemed to follow me and I moved her around to try and get a good pose and shot.

Have you ever noticed how something inanimate can feel it has a life?

JFK- Man of the Sixties

My father went to JFK’s inauguration- took a train to DC in the bitter, cold weather. This button is one of the souvenirs he brought back home.

In 1963 I was in sixth grade. I remember it like yesterday .





5:30 AM edit

My son Mark just sent me the following photos of my father’s memorabilia he has at his home in Ohio.  I am adding them to the post now.

He is looking for the photos he has of the grandchildren at the Arlington gravesite.

JFK Inauguration memorabilia


Mark had all of his grandfather’s JFK memorabilia




Inauguration ticket JFK













put into a frame.

JFK gravesite




Life MAgazine Cover JFK



It Started with an Elvis Clock and 3 Latch Hook Rugs

I went to the North Side Carpet Cleaning Company to pick up the latch hook rugs my mother made years ago. After I paid the bill and Joe put them into the car I saw the giant Elvis photo on the wall of the office and then realized there was a clock in the left upper corner. He said they got it when they visited Graceland years ago. His wife is the fan! I asked him if it would be okay to photograph it for the blog. He graciously agreed. Elvis-Clock-Graceland

And once I was in the office and shooting Elvis without a reflection from the window, I saw the black and white historical photograph of the first chain driven truck on the North Side.


Then check out this office machine sitting in front of the window. A Paymaster Ribbon Writer to imprint checks.

Office-MachineThen I got a tour of the room where the rugs are cleaned and I saw the 1952 MIRZA (made the same year I was born)

1952-Mirza-Rug-Cleaning-MachineRug-Cleaning-MachineAnd he pointed out the hole in the ceiling where I could see a rug hanging to dry. They dry 24 hours. He told me tomorrow it would be full.

Hanging-Carpet-DryingHere is the place you bring your rugs. They will carry them out of your car which is nice. And load them when they are ready.

North-Side-Carpet-Cleaning-CompanyClean-Rugs-Ready-in-Will-CallThe front of the building I captured as I left. North Side Carpet Cleaning Company has coupons to print out on their website. Joe told me my mother’s rugs “cleaned up nice!”