Frozen Motion

Weekly Challenge by Jen Hooks is MOTION

As I scour a portion of my archives, I see lots of frozen motion.

Today’s post is the four grandchildren in various motion shots

maura running

Maura running


frozen motion

Michael jumping into the pool for a heat



Jack kicking in a puddle at the Columbus Zoo


annaAnna caught midair off the diving board

and below in a more recent dive


11 thoughts on “Frozen Motion

  1. Wow, catching action shots with such clarity is very impressive! Your kiddos make excellent subjects, as always. 🙂

    • Thanks Naomi. In my mind I also wanted to respond to your comment/conversation about my son overseas and lots of thoughts – but did not sit down and gather them. Bottom line – happy and productive offspring is the goal. Wherever they land. I need to go back and write more to you soon. Thanks for your good words

      • Hi Ruth,
        Happy and productive is right. The kids know I will go and visit them wherever they land. Thank goodness for Skype and email and all those ways to connect that we didn’t used to have!

Hope writing a comment today is not a major hassle.....I appreciate hearing from you when you have a minute.