I’ll Second the Motion

Still thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge (motion) from last week

nyc  dogwalker

Just a slight blur or the foot

The NYC gallery

pirates PNC

McCutcheon hits it



cross country

Cross Country Pony Tails


When I arrive in Virginia


ringing bell

Jack makes the bell ring

Children's Museum Michael

Michael raises his Gator Hat at the Wooden Mirror- Children’s Museum Pittsburgh


The cheerleaders last fall


carNight Car


crosswalk Crosswalk in Oakland



MAzeroskiMazeroski Statue and Fireworks

11 thoughts on “I’ll Second the Motion

  1. In the first photo – Did he agree to the photo or was that a random event? He does stand out.

  2. Love these images Ruth. Transports me right to city as I sit in my suburban home looking out at woods. Love the reckless girl in air (cheerleading practice sans uniform?).

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