4 Cosmic Hula Hoops from Cambridge OHIO

I stopped at Exit 178- Cambridge and popped into the K-Mart to get a phone cord charger.

Saw these Cosmic Hula Hoops and bought 4 for the grandkids as I was on my way.  Had a repeat light writing blog in mind as I drove the rest of the way to Columbus.

So four hula hoops, with blinking lights, plus four grandchildren willing to experiment with light equals a fun night photography effort

They helped Grandma capture a different kind of light writing in the backyard when it got dark outside.

I’d say the first day of retirement was a good one!

We used lightning sticks before which might have been easier to maneuver but not as bright.

hula hoop lights jack and michael watch annaMichael and Jack watch Anna and her hula hoop skills.

hula hoop jack in middle

All four at once.  They were already in their jammies.

If you want to learn to hula hoop you can click here 

A few individual efforts and the group

We will try another night.


11 thoughts on “4 Cosmic Hula Hoops from Cambridge OHIO

  1. The kids have a future in this emerging field- link Digital Graffiti- Alys Beach –
    On the menu click hula hoops .
    This venue was a small portion of the exhibits wee saw on walk we made around the loop .

  2. So much fun to see the neon hula hoops in action. You have given your kids and grandkids yet another awesome memory to keep.

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