Grateful for MedFlight Air Ambulances

A fellow blogger writes about things she’s grateful for and has inspired me to post this Med Flight helicopter.

Here is her latest gratitude post about a gift of flowers to the teacher- thank you Colline.

Friday when I left the hospital after visiting my new grandson,  there was a helicopter outside on the pad ready for take off. They’d brought a patient in need of care to Riverside Hospital in Columbus OH.

MedFlight does amazing work, “critical care transport”– getting people to advanced medical treatment in a timely manner with the latest technology.

As I was exiting the parking lot, I saw my son Mark photographing the helicopter.  He has always loved them since he was little.

I pulled over to the curb and photographed the rising bird and Mark, fascinated as if he were still seven, photographing the ascending helicopter. He had told me on the way to our cars, “they’re not supposed to be able to fly, you know.”

But fly they do-

Med FLight Helicopter


Med FLight Helicopter Mark

Med FLight Helicopter flying



Med FLight Helicopter flying photographed

9 thoughts on “Grateful for MedFlight Air Ambulances

  1. My Buddy Chooch flies one of those for AGH. He is a CMU Trumpet/Music Ed. grad who went to the Navy right after graduation. He never activated his teaching certificate. He has been flying for over 30 years.Sent from Yahoo Ma

  2. I love the pictures of Mark taking pictures of the helicopter – I watch them fly over PNC Park several times during a game.

  3. I love Mark’s sense of wonder. You did a terrific job of capturing it. I see glimpses of that 7-year-old inside of his man body. 🙂

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  5. Whenever I see a bad accident on the road, I am grateful for these helicopters – and the people who, not only fly them, but also the paramedics who work them.

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