New Family Handshake

You know those photo greeting cards with the tiny hand in the big hand?

The touching closeups?

I was going for a similar feel with the new parents and grandson Charlie who was a week and a day.

New Family handshake



Oops. Add one eager Golden Doodle.  Penny’s paw added to the photo.

New Family handshake plus pennyThe new family handshake!

19 thoughts on “New Family Handshake

    • Thanks, Bob. I appreciate your nice comment.
      It’s always harder to accomplish satisfaction when you have something specific in mind.

      • I really really loved the shots you took. I think the one with Penny’s foot in shot should be entitled ‘Paws for thought’

  1. After I published this, the notice from WordPress was that it was the 2121st blog post I’ve published. Thanks for hanging with me all this time.

  2. Beautiful Ruth, just beautiful : ) Can’t wait to see it in your photo book (hint, hint.). May the blessings of your family and new grandson be the best birthday gift ever Ruthie. Happy B- day Ruth you are blessed : )

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