Potato Patch Fries Production 

There are two lines to take the $ nowadays so no one handles cash and food. 

Your order comes up on a screen. I’ve no idea how they keep it straight. 

A team of teenagers orchestrate the production and it’s efficient. 

Fast furious pace behind the counter.  Everyone knows their part. 

Fries spilling over the paper tray’s edge. 

A ladle of “cheese” and bacon bits for some. 

We had seasoned salt and tiny cup cheese on the side. The word tiny is a poor one for this post, a small plastic cup. Think stadium nachos. Add ketchup.  Napkins. 

 We shared. 

I asked a couple if I could photograph their bacon and cheese fries.   








8 thoughts on “Potato Patch Fries Production 

  1. Ah yes – I remember those delicious things (without the bacon of course) from my former life. Sniff, sniff

  2. That looks like one heckuva production! I like your image of a few stray fries on the counter. It’d be a great pic for a kitchen!

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