Heinz Stacks and Moon in the Clouds from Troy Hill Road

Left the Rehearsal Dinner at Penn Brewery to go across the street to my car.  This is what I saw.

The scene was elusive in camera, not wanting to focus, but a spectacular view. I really enjoy night photography and need to make a point to get out more at night.


Heinz Stacks



and below a cropped view with more of the city proper

Heinz Stacks and the Moon in Clouds












14 thoughts on “Heinz Stacks and Moon in the Clouds from Troy Hill Road

  1. These are gorgeous photos! Your last photo of the Heinz Stacks was sold for $1000 at the PERSAD auction. I’ll bet these would sell for that much or more.

  2. I love the cropped image. Those clouds are spectacular! And the contrast of nature and industrialization is fascinating.

  3. What an amazing photo — haunting and eerie. I prefer the uncropped one, with the yellow (trees) white (moon) and that big grey white plume in the middle. It is surreal. If it were me, I might straighten it a bit to make the parking lot line horizontal. But maybe, in formal terms, the corner of the parking lot serves as an arrow pointing to the sky. Yes, I agree — night photography is pretty terrific!

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