Man and his Best Friend Look Right

man and his best friend


You could write a caption for this photo. It looks as if I posed them in this stance. We were walking back to our apartment

I asked if it would be okay if I took their photo. Well, in gestures.  The man agreed.

The dog sat so handsomely.

His owner tried to get him to look at me, turn his face. So kind.   I said, no problem, don’t worry, it’s okay.

Not sure what had his attention down the path towards the market but he sat so still, at the ready.

13 thoughts on “Man and his Best Friend Look Right

  1. Wow! Not this is just one amazing shot Ruth! They are both so handsome! Please come and clean up the drool from my keyboard. It’s all your fault you know. 😆

    I think the dog saw another cute lady dog and he was thinking: “Check out that hot chick!” and his person was thinking: “Her mama is just as hot! We should go on a double date.”

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been looking your blog since your son Matthew, my ex-English teacher pointed on it and I really enjoy your posts… Yesterday, after I bought food on Trešnjevka market I passed by dark long-hair man and his beautiful dog and I was pleasantly surprised when I sow them on your bog today..
    Enjoy your stay in Zagreb/Croatia, best regards,

  3. This is a fantastic shot! I would love to know what has captured their attention. I can see the young man has a cell phone in his hand, but his attention has been drawn away from his phone. This photo would make a good story-starter for an English classroom.

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