(Extra)ordinary: Weekly Photo Challenge

(Extra)ordinary  “Things or settings we might overlook at first glance. Whether in a new or familiar place, I try to keep my eyes open — to look for beauty or interestingness where I least expect it.” Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Not an ordinary puddle.

After a week of constant rain, the sun came out just before sunset.


With the ripple. A passerby hit the water.


IMG_2464The water is still.

Did I mention I left my camera in the apartment?  Shot with the iPhone camera.

IMG_2467A different puddle.




15 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Stunning reflections in the water Ruth. You have such a great eye for extraordinary sights like this. Clouds always amaze me and you and your iPhone really took amazing shots. 😀

    • Thanks Janet. I hope I get to see your puddle photographs on your blog sometime soon. Trying to make the best of a wet holiday.

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