Power Washing in Residentplatz Square

Salzburg FountainSalzburg – Residentplaz Square

“the Residenzbrunnen. This biggest Baroque fountain of Central Europe was built between 1656 and 1661 under the rule of Prince Archbishop Guidobald von Thun. The material used is marble from Mount Untersberg. The artists in charge were Tommaso di Garona and Antonio Dario.”

Below- View Two as we walked around but you can’t see the equipment- I Iike the photo better as it shows more of the location and the passerby checking out what it happening to the fountain.

Residentplatz Square SalzburgHere you can see the Salzburger Dom cathedral

6 thoughts on “Power Washing in Residentplatz Square

  1. Once we came across people cleaning a large fountain and my boys thought they could go in and collect the coins. I set them straight. I wonder, were there coins in that fountain?

  2. The first shot provides a wonderful anachronism and when will I ever use that word again? Great combination. The second shot is whimsical – makes me smile.

  3. Some of the statuary at the entrance to Highland Park needs power washing again. It lookd so beautiful when it was “restored,” but perhaps not by power washing!!!! ????? Residentplaz Square looks like a great Plaz for a Farmers Market!!1

  4. I have a picture of me standing next to that fountain, circa 2000. We got such an awesome deal with a now defunct airline we couldn’t resist!

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