One Word Friday


Needed a title for this graffiti on a bridge down by the Monongahela. One Word Friday seemed appropriate as I couldn’t post it for Wordless Wednesday.

Just wondering who was motivated and took the time to write this on the bridge.

I don’t think it is a band.

9 thoughts on “One Word Friday

  1. It made me think immediately of the Ian Hunter track ‘Apathy 83’ πŸ™‚ But there is a current US Thrash Metal band called Apathy – can’t say I’ve heard them and I’d have thought Green a strange choice of color by a thrash metal fan!

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this one! The possibility of a band came to mind but I didn’t research. Appreciate your comment.

  2. Goodness – now how did they do this so well while working upside down! And I read the other comment about the metal band with this name – by even just as – is the word – written like that – is something thought provoking –

  3. Apathy is a Pittsburgh based graffiti writer, who’s part of BTK crew. The name is in no way connected to the band but I do appreciate some good thrash metal lol.

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