Pick a Photo Pair

Guest blog by Shuey from Niceville, Florida. You may remember his popular guest post of the handsome Barred Owl.

I like both pairs of photographs. Majestic birds.  Thanks,  Shuey.

Snowy Egret or Blue Heron?  

 I wanted to share with all of you. 

Shuey wrote Saw the Snowy Egret standing tall out on the lake by our house as I drove home, so . . . grabbed my camera and went back. Still there.

While shooting the Great Egret, the Blue Heron splashed down right in front of me. Beautiful. Just had to share them with someone.

Best wishes for the new year,


PS: Of each pair of photos, which do you like best. I would appreciate your opinion.

Fellow blogger Sylvia https://anotherday2paradise.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/wpc-circle-circles-from-around-the-world/posts gorgeous Bird photos of Egrets and Shuey’s reminded me of her bird photography. 

23 thoughts on “Pick a Photo Pair

  1. Always the Blue Heron. They are majestic. We have 3 of them who live and roam in our neighborhood in Gainesville, FL

  2. I like the second photo of the Snowy Egret; the first photo of the Blue Heron …… those are my favorite in each pair. Thanks for sharing this beautiful wildlife with us!!!!!

  3. They are both gorgeous photos . . . so it was difficult to make a choice . . . but after much consideration . . . I choose the blue heron.

  4. Amazing photos – I would have to vote the second one in each set. In the first pair the reflection of the snow egret is clearer. In the second photo I like the pose of the bird better.

  5. Thanks all for your kind and thoughtful comments. What I was seeking was the most liked pic of each pair; which Egret pic is most attractive to you AND which Heron pic is the most attractive to you. I like them all. However there are subtle differences between each pairing. The Egret pair, one reflection is clearer (as noted), one has more blue space with more reflected shore at the top. The Heron pair, one is more of a side view with a bent leg and grass interspersed in the reflection while the other is more of a rear view and a good side view reflection.

    Anyone else want to chime in as I continue developing my skills? Thanks Ruth for posting this up . . . very flattering.


  6. Incredible shots, Ruth and what luck! Even when my camera is within reach, the subject rarely remains there for me. That he returned to not only find the original bird still there but to have a 2nd bird land before him is utterly remarkable.

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