Ice Skating Saturday Night

Jack was invited to an  birthday party at the ice skating rink. He was so excited.   Mark took him.

We came an hour later for “free skate” but I didn’t don skates.

A good photo op for Grandma, who happened to have the real camera, not just the iPhone.

Lots of reflections, not enough light or too much light.

Made adjustments.

On the way home I got to photograph a brightly lit house display as I was in the passenger seat.

ice skating family




xmas house ohio

15 thoughts on “Ice Skating Saturday Night

  1. Now that looks like fun. I love to skate but haven’t in years. Hash and I met at an ice skating party and took lessons while dating. I love how everyone is so happy.

    • Thanks for your visits and likes and comments. It’s been a happy Christmas season, John. Glad Max didn’t get the opportunity to set the house ablaze.

  2. If Hunt Armory becomes an ice Rink, you’ll be able to skate less than a mile from your house!!!

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