My Year 2015 in Photos

Thank you for visiting the blog and clicking the ‘like’  button and/or leaving some good words.  I appreciate your taking the time to look at the photographs.  If you’ve been with me this year, you’ve already seen these images but after reading the Annual Review of my Blogging Year from WordPress, I wanted to capture 2015 myself.  What I notice is I like weather, people, family and night photography.

I wish you a new year filled with good health and happiness.
A few of my favorites from 2015- I skipped over most of the food photos.  Will take new ones in 2016!

Pittsburgh in FogPittsburgh in fog

The weddings


jack and mauraGrandkids visit “Cloud Arbor is made up of 64 steel poles reaching 32 feet into the sky, embedded with nozzles that spray a fine mist of water, creating the effect of a spherical cloud suspended in the air.”         (artist Ned Kahn)


Some of the family photos-

People at work and play




28 thoughts on “My Year 2015 in Photos

  1. Your amazing photographs capture special moments so beautifully. As always, thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family all of the best in 2016. Happy New Year, Ruth!

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  2. The family pictures are fabulous. I also love the “Pittsburgh in the Fog” photo. That one is amazing. A happy and healthy 2016 to you and those close to you. Love


  3. I can see why you chose these particular photos. They are fantastic! I have to admit I love them all! Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to another year of wonderful photos in 2016.


  4. I find a different “favorite” each time I scroll through. Wonderful selection and I like your groupings! Tulips and Airedale in the snow !! Love Aloud Arbor. Glad to see it again!!!!

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  5. So many wonderful captures, Ruth, many of which smile-inducing. Such a great catalog of your year and yet I know there are hundreds of photos, at least, that didn’t make the cut.
    I hope you and tour loved ones share nothing but joy in the New Year.

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    • Thank you for the new year’s wish for joy. This year sure flew by. I’m glad to have it documented and yours right about so many unseen images. Thanks for taking time to look.


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