Gift from a Friend 

Thanks J.  I’m home again. 

I received your parcel. Lovely!

I love the gift of the blue glass vase and the accompanying book of sketches, watercolors  and recipes from Provence. 

So cool that you met the author/ artist Mary Ann Miller, too. Travels with a Blue Vase  website shows her other books and it would be hard to chose between Paris or the third one of Britain and Ireland. Guess I’ll have to get them both. 

I look forward to putting fresh flowers in the blue vase and photographing them.

Are you going to take a trip with the sketchers? Or a class in a local cafe? 

Thanks again,


9 thoughts on “Gift from a Friend 

  1. Ruth – I couldn’t choose either so I bought each of her books for myself. And yes, when she has her next “Cafe Sketchers” group scheduled, I’ll be there!

  2. The website is comprehensive and covers a range of activities & food!! A very inviting way to spend a few hours sketching with friends.

  3. We all like to receive gifts but one means so much more when there’s thought behind it, like a vase with an aptly name book or, say, a handmade pot holder. 🙂

  4. I just love that deep shade of blue. I always have🙂 My apologies for not checking your photos sooner. Technology can be such a nuisance

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