Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake

Did some research for a Portuguese dessert and this cake came up in two places.  Recipe for Orange-Olive Oil Cake.

I went across the Allegheny to Labriola’s and bought a new Zoe Olive Oil as recommended in the recipe. Fresh eggs. And five navel oranges were five dollars at Whole You-Know. 

Zested three oranges and squeezed four to get 1 1/2 c of juice. 

Used a tube pan as I did not have a light colored bundt pan. Baked it 1 1/4 hours. 

Make it at least a day before serving. I did.  

 Will let you know what the verdict is after Friday night dessert. I usually don’t make a new recipe to share, untested.


I put it on a glass cake stand after it cooled. 

22 thoughts on “Portuguese Orange-Olive Oil Cake

  1. I could eat the whole cake right now! 🙂 will read the recipe tomorrow and see if I could persuade Marian to make one ……..Please let us know if it is a delish as it looks!!!!!1

    • Sounds fragrant and tasty. Never made an olive oil cake before. Am guessing they say to wait a day to eat so the zest can flavor it. Thanks for your comment. I enjoy your jokes!

  2. I have had friends make this before and it has always turned out great. And hey, you can never go wrong with a bundt cake. 😉

  3. Thanks for the tip! Maybe I’ll try half olive oil along with other healthy oils (e.g. avocado) because the quality olive oil I buy by the gallon may be too opinionated–too strong for cake perhaps?

    • I think the light oil they suggest (ZOE) lets the orange come through. It is a lot of oil and could overpower if it’s strong. The cake did improve with age

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