12 thoughts on “One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four

  1. Ruth – I love the variety of subjects you capture – and the potatoes to the top were calling me – I love purple ones – and great for the wpc- also – my favorite way to enjoy potatoes (besides in polish food) but. I take my spouse’s mashed potatoes (usually leftovers) and first sauté some garlic in organic butter and then add potatoes and let crisp – then add a little water – or not – sometimes scraps of meat and cheese – but sometimes as is- and it is so good – rich and dense and satisfying!

  2. Oh what delicious potato pancakes I could make with those or maybe a potato kugel – yum.

  3. DO the potatoes with the darker skins have a different “taste” or texture? Such a lovely combination.. My favorites- sweet potatoes.

  4. I like baby red, purple fingerlings, and yukon gold – baked, with a touch of butter and sour cream (and then salt & pepper).

    I also like sweet potatoes with avocado. Sounds bizarre, but is delish. 🙂

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